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and a kind and experienced person will talk over your citizenship application process with you. Every case is different and we have the patience and flexibility to assist you all the way. However here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

Do I qualify for Hungarian citizenship?
If you have one parent or even a grandparent who was born in Hungary, you do. If your parent or even grandparent was Hungarian but born outside of what was Hungary at time of their birth, you might ask the Hungarian Consulate if you are eligible. In fact they are the last word on citizenship so it is a good idea to call and ask them to be absolutely certain that you are eligible for citizenship before you do any further steps.
What kind of documents will I need?
Basically all the documents you can put your hands on, old family documents in Hungarian and your vital documents in English of everything that happened outside of Hungary: your birth, marriage, and perhaps divorce, the birth of your children, marriage and possible divorce or death of your parents. They like to have the English vital certificates to be no more then 3 months old and they prefer to keep the originals.
What kind of translations do they require?
The Hungarian translations of your English vital documents don’t have to be certified; the consulate “over-certifies” them anyway. In fact anybody can translate your documents; however they like them to be similarly formatted to the original.
How long does it take to receive my Hungarian Citizenship Certificate?
It depends on how many other applicants are at the same time you are applying, but in general 6 months.
How long is my Hungarian Citizenship Certificate valid?
Only a year, after that your Hungarian passport serves as proof of your citizenship.
How many forms will I need to fill out?
In general one form for Application for Your Citizenship, then forms for Homeland Registration of your life’s events, such as birth and marriage. There is also a form about how you would like your name to be spelled in your Hungarian documents. We can help you with them all.

There are many more questions depending on your special case like name-change, adoption, etc. For these please do not hesitate to call us at +1 (440) 646 0085,
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